About Us

About Harmony Recruitment

Harmony Recruitment Agency (HRA) is an agency that specialises in providing nurses, personal care workers, disability support workers and home care workers Perth and surrounding suburbs. We also provide Relief Child Care Workers to Child Care Centres, Out of School Hours Care and Holiday Programs.

Mission statement values

We believe in;

  • Individual worth. Our customers, business partners, staff and clients have a rich experience and extensive knowledge in diverse fields. They have made and continue to make significant contribution to the human race.
  • Respect of privacy. Every one of us has a right to respect and privacy, at HRC this is the pillar of our service delivery.
  • Promoting self esteem. We appreciate the fact that every individual is unique and acknowledge the contribution of everyone has made and continue to make in the community.
  • Every one of us desires to be appreciated, recognised for who we are, cared for, and wanted.

We shall ensure our values are upheld by;

  • Employing qualified and passionate staff who share our vision
  • Adhering to professional practices
  • Ensuring continuous improvement in our service delivery
  • Strengthening our relationships with our business partners, clients, customer, the local communities and other agencies
  • Build a working environment where each person is valued, respected and has an opportunity for personal and professional growth
  • Providing consumer driven care