Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing Solutions

Our temporary staffing solutions will provide you and your organisation with the efficiency and professionalism required to focus on your business operations. As your provider of choice, you have immediate access to a live and responsive team member 24/7. Our extensive database of skilled, highly qualified, screened and reference-checked staff members are ready to work and available to meet your short or long term staffing needs.

Our Response Guarantee

Why Choose Harmony Recruitment?

We guarantee to provide a response for all same day requests. If the staff member we have provide does not meet the requirements of the role, contact us immediately and we will endeavour to remedy the situation to meet your requirements.

Our Rates

Our rates are competitive and are priced according to the skill level that suits your requirements. Rates are available and we ask that you please contact our office to speak to a representative regarding our rates.

Code of Conduct

We have a strict professional code of conduct and take great measures to ensure that this code is followed by all staff.

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