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Reduce barriers with Specialist Support Coordination

Get the most out of NDIS funding, find the right providers and build skills and independence to coordinate supports and achieve your goals with Support Coordination.

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Get the full benefit out of NDIS funded supports

Have your NDIS plan work best for you by allowing experienced Support Coordinators to help you understand what supports are in your plan.   Support Coordinators are there to assist with coordinating and managing your chosen supports, enabling you to achieve your goals.

Access the right providers and support

Through tailored support, you can find the right services, access the best providers, and ensure that service agreements and bookings are completed as part of your plan.   Your Support Coordinator will help you to build skills with coordinating your supports in the future so you can become more independent and confident.
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Benefit from a Support Coordinator who will:

  • Discuss your goals and explain your NDIS plan
  • Find local services to meet your needs
  • Get quotes for services and help to achieve the best possible result with your funding
  • We will oversee and coordinate service providers
  • Negotiate how and when you get support, including service agreements
  • Share information between your providers with your consent
  • Build your skills, capacity, and independence to coordinate your supports
  • One-on-one support throughout the process

Start living the life you want today through NDIS support

With more choice and control, select how your Support Coordinator can support your goals.  

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